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Corporation Social Responsibility
Value Creation, People First and Harmony & Sustainability
While embracing the era of change, JIC endeavors to gain consensus by taking a long-term perspective to promote and bolster technology advancement,
industrial upgrading, cultural power, consumption and livelihood improvement. In the process of reform and development,
we maintain strong commitment to our social responsibility policy – Value Creation, People First and Harmony & Sustainability.
Value Creation
– A responsible approach to business growth
At JIC, we're committed to doing business in compliance with ethical standards, integrity norms and tax regulations while building up asset management capabilities. We actively partner with Chinese companies to promote innovation and technology advancement, as well as facilitate industrial restructuring and upgrade initiatives. Our experience and expertise in advanced manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection, culture and media help boost economic growth.
China Investment Consulting became one of the first consulting services stationed in Xiong'an New Area, providing strategic research, business building, investment and financing planning to China XiongAn Group.
The delivery of NXP M&A project of JIC Technology Investment will fuel the upgrading and development of domestic advanced manufacturing industry.
JIC Huawen completed its investment in PatSnap, a leading international intellectual property services provider in China, helping enterprises to enhance their ability to build intellectual property competition barriers.
JIC supports independent innovation and technological progress of domestic enterprises to drive structural optimization and upgrading of relevant industry.
JIC Leasing supported key national projects of OLED curved display screens and high-end lithium battery materials.
JIC Technology Investment completed its investment in Smarter Micro, entering the 5G semiconductor market to help domestic telecommunications manufacturers achieve technological progress and market expansion.
JIC Bookstore builds differential reading space to drive national reading.
JIIR compiles the annual Investment Report and JIC research series.
JIC exports professional and profound industry perspectives to lead value communication in relevant industry areas.
People First
– A responsible approach to human capital management
At JIC, we promote a harmonious, people-first employment relationship that focuses on labor rights, employee engagement and career development.
Harmony & Sustainability
– A responsible approach to social harmony and sustainable development
JIC supports social welfare and charity by launching new social initiatives that focus on youth education and environmental protection.These small-yet-impactful own-brand social welfare and charity programs are the result of our ongoing CSR efforts.
"JIC Hyacinth Library" for undeveloped areas
"JIC Hyacinth Class"
JIC Leasing donated 10 boarding schools and 100 solar lamps.
We actively pay attention to issues of society and people's livelihood, give full play to our advantages in business and majors, and make contributions to society with our love and actual actions.
Reading Light Childhood Assistant Program(GuoTai Asset Management)
“Hand in hand” Firefly Public Welfare Program (JIC Holding)
JIC Huawen provided help for 276 adolescents in 12 provinces with Type 1 diabetes mellitus.
“Silver Envelop Plan” Program (JIC Trust)
The “Hyacinth Public Welfare Plan” continuously works in the field of public welfare education to effectively improve teaching environment of the schools benefited, enrich reading contents and modes of teachers and students.