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Discovering Value with Professional Insights
At JIC, we are committed to value investing, taking a sound and sensible approach to portfolio allocation to create and enhance value. We strive to capture the unprecedented opportunities created by China's economic restructuring and industrial upgrading, focus on China's development strategy of "going out", adopt an approach supportive to domestic and overseas collaboration, consolidate domestic and overseas resources towards the building of a global network, continue to explore the international market, and plan and grow our businesses with a global perspective. Meantime, we focus on investment themes that support the development of domestic economy, China's state-owned enterprise (SOE) reforms, and a globalized development of domestic companies, and actively invest in relevant sectors such as financial services, industrial manufacturing, culture and media, mass consumers, and information technology.
Investment Cases of JIC
"the second life" of pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical packaging is rated as "the second life" of pharmaceuticals as it is closely related to drug quality and safety, thus being an essential part of the pharmaceutical industry and an important industry concerning national economy and people's livelihood. However, pharmaceutical glass packaging produced by Chinese manufacturers are now mainly being used in global low-end pharmaceutical markets, while "Class I glass bottle" (made of glass with high chemical durability and high heat resistance) mainly depends on import, the proportion of which pharmaceutical glass packaging is only 8% in China, but 18% and 27% respectively in Europe and the United States.
Investment Cases of JIC
Seizing the Opportunity of Consumption Upgrading
Against a backdrop of the Healthy China strategy, the healthcare industry as a part of consumption upgrade, has broad growth prospects. Driven by increasing attention by Chinese people on personal health, and a growing aging population, the annual growth rate of China's healthcare market has exceeded 10% in the past few years. In addition, cross-border e-commerce has helped to boost online sales channels for healthcare products.
Investment Cases of JIC
The Jewel in the Crown
China's integrated circuit (IC) industry saw significant progress in overall competence after close to a decade of rapid development. As one of the primary industries of the Made in China 2025 Initiative, the IC industry is blessed with opportunities either from the Initiative or from the Outlines for the Development and Promotion of a National IC Industry as released in 2015. Nonetheless, even in the world's largest and fastest-growing market of IC, products made by domestic companies account for less than 10% of the market they are in. China still relies on import for IC products, especially at the top end of the market where foreign technology commands dominant market share.
Investment Cases of JIC
A National Team on Smart Transport
The online car-hailing market has been one of the most dynamic aspect of the smart transportation industry and experienced exponential growth in 2015. Revenue reached RMB26.07 billion in the year, and is estimated to skyrocket to RMB52 billion in 2018. In the fourth quarter of 2015, the Ministry of Transport released consultation papers on the Guidelines to Deepen Reforms and Further Promote the Healthy Development of the Taxi Sector and the Interim Measures for the Operation and Services of Online Car-hailing Taxis, establishing the basic model for a legal operation and management of services, vehicles and drivers.
Investment Cases of JIC
Pioneering Mixed Ownership in 30 Months
China's SOEs have been the major driving force behind China's economic take-off, and a significant part of China's economic landscape. Since the 18th National Congress, the direction, roadmap and specific action plan for China's SOE reform have become increasingly clear. A new round of SOE reform, covering multiple initiatives, is on the horizons.
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