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Industrial Manufacturing
Technology Progress & Industrial Upgrading
JIC invests in the theme of technological progress and seek to enhance China's manufacturing in the global industry chain. JIC focuses on the key linkage in the industry chain, integrate industrial resources --- including technologies, processes, management, channels and brands --- that lead the global market, grow and build technologies and brand that represent the best of China, and increase the international competitiveness of China's manufacturing companies.
  • High-end Equipment Manufacturing
  • Key Components
  • High Value-added Production Services
  • Advanced Materials and Applications
  • Industrial Consumables
  • Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection
Brand wall
As of the end of 2018, JIC has invested in domestic and foreign companies with a core industrial strength in the industrial manufacturing sector, including SGD Pharma, JAC Motors, Zoomlion, Lopal, Shengrui Transmission, CRCCE, Hailin Energy Technology Inc., Xi’An Sunward Aeromat, etc. JIC has helped the domestic investee companies connect with the capital market. JIC has also promoted the technological progress and industrial upgrades of the domestic manufacturing industry, as well as supported globalization of domestic companies.
  • SGD Pharma
    A leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass packaging in the global market
  • JAC Motors
    China’s comprehensive automobile maker with propriety brands
  • Zoomlion
    China’s leading manufacturer of engineering and machinery
  • Lopal
    China’s leading independent supplier of lubricants
  • Shengrui Transmission
    China’s leading R&D base and manufacturer of automatic transmissions
    China’s largest manufacturer and service supplier of railway machinery in track maintenance
  • Hailin Energy Technology
    China’s leading company with advanced energy conservation technologies for buildings
  • XiAn Sunward Aeromat
    China’s high-tech manufacturer in metallic composite, polymer material and related products
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