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Culture & Consumption
New Supply Creates New Demand
JIC actively responds to China's supply-side structural reform and seek to help drive China's transformation in the consumer sector. JIC closely tracks the pulse in the space of residential consumption, services the upgrade in the consumer sector that leads to an improvement in life quality, focuses on investment opportunities that lead emerging consumer trends, invests in segments with strong growth potentials and consolidates industrial resources.
  • Medical Healthcare
  • Publishing
  • Cultural Creativity
  • Tourism & Sports
  • Senior Healthcare
Brand wall
In line with their values of promoting the growth of wealth and wisdom, as well as social progress, JIC established the JIC Bookstore in 2015. While building a high quality and multilayered urban cultural space, JIC shows their innovation in business throughout the cultural industry by specializing in book publishing and in cultural and creative product development of its own brands. Furthermore, JIC also takes an innovative approach in the business models which focus on the cultural and spiritual needs from the active senior citizens aged 50 and above. By investing in the “50+” brand of JIC Active Aging Service, the company sought to build an ecosphere for services to the elderly and to be the leader in the industry of supporting the elderly. In addition, as of the end of 2018, JIC has invested in Nature's Care, PTS Diagnostics, Huace Film and TV, Mango TV, New Star Press, Yizhong Media, Miquel, Dali Food, Bright Food, SF Express and Shunxin Agriculture, etc.
  • Jointown Medical Devices
    One of the top three companies in the field of medical device circulation in China
  • Australia Nature's Care Biotech
    A leading vitamin, supplements, skin care and child care products manufacturer
  • Ping An Good Doctor
    China's O2O healthcare servicing platform
  • PTS Diagnostics
    A global innovative point-of-care diagnostics solutions provider
  • JIC Bookstore
    China’s famous urban cultural complex
  • JIC Active Aging Service
    China’s first one-stop integrated provider of tailor-made services for aged people
  • Huace Film & TV
    China’s leading film company covering the full industry chain
  • Mango TV
    The sole new media platform under Hu’nan Broadcasting Group
  • New Star Press
    China’s publishing house, a member of China International Publishing Group
  • Miguel
    Spain’s leading company in food wholesaling, franchising and supply chain management
  • Bright Food Global
    China’s leading food distributor with a global presence
  • Dali Food
    China’s leading company in branded leisure food and beverage
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