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Investment Cases of JIC
Seizing the Opportunity of Consumption Upgrading
The Beginning
Against a backdrop of the Healthy China strategy, the healthcare industry as a part of consumption upgrade, has broad growth prospects. Driven by increasing attention by Chinese people on personal health, and a growing aging population, the annual growth rate of China's healthcare market has exceeded 10% in the past few years. In addition, cross-border e-commerce has helped to boost online sales channels for healthcare products.

Australia Nature's Care Biotech("ANCB") is a leading vitamins, supplements, skin care, child care products manufacturer based in Sydney, Australia. The Company is one of the largest vitamins and supplements companies in terms of market share in Australia contributed by leading brands such as Healthy Care, Nature's Care Pro Series, Royal, Vitamore, VitAustralia.
JIC’s role

On August 10, 2018, JIC and its wholly-owned subsidiary, JIC Huawen Investment Limited, together with Tamar Alliance Partners, Fund I, L.P., completed the acquisition of a 75% stake in Australia Nature's Care Biotech ("ANCB").

Since its acquisition of ANCB, JIC has helped to promote the company’s performance and improve its management team, including setting up a professional team to connect with the Chinese market, improving the incentive and restraint mechanism, integrating the dealership network, expanding the online B2B market as well as constructing offline sales channels in China.

“The company's strict control on and the continuous pursuit of product quality is the key factor that attracted us, and in line with our management philosophy.”
——Project team of JIC Huawen Investment Ltd.

JIC has been steadily implementing the requirements of China's supply-side structural reform, focusing on the development opportunities brought about by the growth and upgrade in China's consumption, and promoting the reform of China's consumption industry. JIC will continue to provide high-quality consumer products to society by helping to build a consumer ecosystem, and help realize the goal of a "better life" with capital.

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