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JIC Bookstore Publishes the First Biography

On December 3, the Chinese edition of Enzo Ferrari was launched in JIC Books (Shanghai Pujiang Shop), marking the first formal publication under the JIC Bookstore biography brand. Zhuang Zhe, Assistant President of JIC Group, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. In addition, Zhu Yuhua, the chairman of Shanghai Scuderia Ferrari Club, also participated in the event.

Zhuang Zhe said in his speech that Enzo Ferrari is the first biography planned and published by JIC Bookstore. As a branch of JIC focused on investment in the cultural industry and operations, JIC Bookstore is committed to publishing biographies. In the future, the company will also look into publishing ideological, cultural and technological volumes.The Bookstore will uphold a philosophy of continuous progress, excellence and striving for perfection in continuing to introduce new, quality books to the public.

Enzo Ferrari is the first Chinese biography of the founder of Ferrari. The book was written by Bullock Yates, a noted American car journalist, and translated by the Shanghai Scuderia Ferrari Club.

The publishing of this book signifies the expansion of JIC Bookstore beyond the offline cultural space into the upstream segment of the industry. So far, JIC Bookstore has gained the right to publish the Chinese versions of nine well-known biographies from China and other countries.


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