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China Intelligence Internet Investment Development Report (2019) Press Conference and Intelligence Internet Industry Investment Seminar held in Beijing

JIC Technology Investment Co., Ltd. ("JIC Tech-inv") hosted the “Smart Links and Dialogue of the Future” Seminar at the JIC Bookstore in Beijing on August 29, during which it also launched the annual “China Intelligence Internet Investment Development Report (2019).

The general manager of JIC Tech-inv, Mr. Shan Xue delivered a speech during the seminar.

Renowned academicians and entrepreneurs gave speeches on topics including materials and technology, the understanding of scientific and technological innovation, the future of artificial intelligence chips and commercial aerospace. They also held in-depth discussions on new industrial development trends focused on the changes and opportunities of the intelligence Internet industry.

Dai Yi, Managing Director of JIC Tech-inv shared some of the highlights in the “China Intelligence Internet Investment Development Report (2019)”.

JIC Tech-inv is one of the investment platforms of China Jianyin Investment that focused on the new generation information technology industry. Themed on national information technology upgrading and traditional industry transformation, JIC Tech-inv attaches importance to investment opportunities in the Internet of Things, Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing and Big Data. The current portfolios cover many fields such as smart travel, smart city, artificial intelligence, 5G, semiconductors, information security, and aerospace. Investments cover full cycle from A round to Pre-IPO.

Enterprises with core technologies often receive special attention of JIC Tech-inv. Such focus is part of the investment strategy of JIC Tech- Inv, which has invested in a series of leading technology enterprises with key links in the industrial chain. It does so by paying attention to the underlying technologies and hard-wares, thus to enhance the development of those high –tech industries that were once deemed with high barriers and could only be imported.

The “China Intelligence Internet Investment Development Report (2019)” is an in-depth research by JIC Tech-inv on the development trends, technology routes and investment prospects of the smart Internet industry. The report analyzes the smart Internet industry from the perspectives of industry characteristics, technological evolution, investment and financing as well as applications in relevant segments. The report also documents the thinking and outlook on the development of the smart Internet industry by JIC Tech-inv.

JIC Tech-inv will carry on the strategy of investing in key industries with key technologies high added value and of important industrial position, to build an industrial bridgehead. At the same time, it will build investment ecology in line with the company’s characteristics, to establish its long-term sustainable advantages.

In addition, JIC Tech-inv will stick to rational and value investments and continue its industry research. Those strategic industries and core technologies temporarily in a disadvantaged position are key investment targets that JIC Tech-Inv focuses on. The company is doing its utmost to support the country's industrial upgrading and high-quality economic development with professionalism and prudent investor spirit.

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