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China- EU Investment Forum in Shanghai by JIC and Belgium partners

The China- EU Investment Forum - “Flanders, The Gateway for Chinese Investment in Europe” was held in Shanghai on November 20th by China Jianyin Investment Limited (JIC), Belgian sovereign wealth Fund (SFPI-FPIM), Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) and co-hosted by JIC Bookstore Investment Co., Ltd and the Capricorn partners.

Ji Xianzheng, Deputy Director for the EU Department of China Ministry of Commerce, and Jan Jambon, the Minister-President of the Government of Flanders and Flemish Minister for Foreign Policy, Culture, IT and Facilities, delivered respective opening speeches in the forum. Liu Jun, Deputy General Manager of China Investment Corporation(CIC), and Philippe De Backer, Minister of Digital Agenda, Telecom and Postal Service, in charge of Administrative Simplification, the Fight against Social Fraud, Privacy and North Sea , made keynote speeches. More than 70 guests from China-Belgium political and business communities attended the forum and communicated on topics such as China-EU investment environment, advantageous industries and investment opportunities etc. Both sides agreed to jointly explore cross-border investment and industrial cooperation. The forum was presided over by Dong Shi, Chairman of JIC.

In his speech, Ji Xianzheng pointed out that opportunities will be brought about by opening up and competition will further promote development. This is the important experience summed up during the 40 - year of Chinese economic reform and opening-up. Standing at a new historical point, China will open its door only wider to the world. The access for foreign investment will be expanded in broader field, new forms of openness will be established from macro prospective, and business environment will be optimized with a higher standard so as to support and vitalize the world economy and economic globalization.

According to Jan Jambon, foreign direct investment is an important component of Flanders’ economy. As one of Europe’s top investment destinations, Flanders has maintained a steady pace in attracting foreign investment and is looking forward to developing close cooperation with world leading nations, companies and investors. Flanders will support the Chinese investors through cooperative funds.

During the keynote speeches, Liu Jun stated that optimization of foreign investment strategy, innovation of foreign investment, and promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative are important ways to realize a wider and deeper opening up of China. This will enhance Chinese development and benefit the world through solutions for worldwide prosperity. As a Chinese sovereign wealth fund, CIC actively serves Chinese opening-up process, explores innovative foreign investment, and increases new bilateral ties. It strives to create a cross-border investment ecosystem based on the integration of new bilateral fund network and existing cooperation network. It also builds cross-border bilateral investment platform for both domestic and foreign enterprises, facilitating their “bringing in” and “going global” goals, in order to deepen the investment cooperation and improve investment efficiency.

Philippe De Backer held that in the era of change in global trade and cross-border investment, it is crucial for EU and China to strengthen economic and trade ties. Investment security is key to broader and deeper investment, which requires mutual understanding and respect. The EU and China needs to further open up market, and to create opportunities for bilateral businesses.

During the roundtable discussions, the topics on China-Belgium technology innovative cooperation & investment were discussed by the representatives from Flanders Investment & Trade, JIC Holdings, SFPI- FPIM, Capricorn Partners etc. They talked about the respective advantageous industries and investment environment in both China and Belgium, and undertook in-depth exchanges and discussions on cooperation models and investment opportunities in sectors such as microelectronics, medical and health industries.

Currently, China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership has been enhanced continuously and maintained a high level of cooperation. During November 17-22, Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium led an Economic Commission to visit China, which set the record of largest number of delegates to visit a foreign country led by the Belgian royal family. The purpose of the visit is to enhance China-Belgium cooperation in trade, investment, agricultural products, logistics, climate change, humanities and in other fields, and at the same time to promote the continued friendship between the two nations.JIC and the Belgian entities held this China-EU Investment Forum under this context, with the purpose of creating a new impetus for pragmatic cooperation and mutual benefits and building a platform of in-depth and friendly dialogue between China and Belgium.

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