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The Scale of Equity ETF of Guotai AMC Ranked Second in the Whole Industry

The scale of Guotai’s A-share equity ETF climbed to the second place in the industry, reaching up to 65.984 billion RMB according to Wind’s data, on August 28th. Guotai’s ETFs cover industries including finance, steel, computer, securities, biological medicine, chips, coal, household appliances etc. The Guotai ETFs are thus called the “treasure box of the industry ETF”.

Since Guotai AMC launched its first ETF product (Guotai SSE 180 Financial ETF) in 2011, it has been expanding in the field of the industry ETF. Since 2019, the laying out of Guotai industry ETF has been proved to be in tune with the ever-changing rotation rhyme of the market. Guotai AMC has been searching industries that have certain market demand and market capacity. Focusing both on the “Old infrastructure” and “New infrastructure”, Guotai AMC launched the first Iron &Steel ETF and the Coal ETF in the traditional cyclical industry, and it also floated the first new energy automobile themed ETF in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the emerging industries. At present, its security ETF, biological medicine ETF and others all have very impressive rankings in the industry regarding to their scales of asset under management and liquidities.

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