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Chairmans Statement
2016-08-29 2015 Annual Report

Over the last year, China Jianyin Investment Ltd. (hereinafter “JIC”) actively followed the development trend of economic globalization. We had a profound understanding of the domestic supply-side structural reform and the investment opportunities of the industrial transformation and upgrading.Through clear direction of industrial development, we have actively accelerated our business layout,equity investment progress and capital management to expanding the current investment territory. As a comprehensive investment group both our investment capabilities and competitiveness has significantly improved last year, our operating performance also stepped into a new level.

In 2015, we achieved full-year consolidated net profit of 7.434 billion yuan (excluding the effects of the SHENWAN HONGYUAN Securities restructuring). By the end of 2015, the company's total assets of 105.268 billion yuan and net assets of 66.848 billion yuan.

In 2015, we have further improved the investment system and enhanced investment capabilities. With professional investment insight and a better understanding of the national industrial development-oriented and people's needs we established a "strategic acquisitions and financial investments" model (“two-wheel drive” model), accelerated our investment layout progress especially in the industries of culture and media, information technology, health and pension, etc. other new industries.

We vigorously expand domestic and foreign investment, and actively integrated the world's leading industrial resources, supported domestic enterprises to “go global” especially in areas such as industrial manufacturing and consumer services. Last year, we completed investment projects including but not limited to NXP (Semiconductor Products) of the Netherlands, Miquel Alimentacii of Spain, Dali Foods, Bright Food Global, CRCC Equipment, achieved 13.245 billion yuan.

We closely followed the philosophy of value investing, and always supported China's leading enterprises continued growth. One of our invested enterprises names JAC just completed overall market in April, and achieved the successful transformation from a traditional State-owned enterprise to a market oriented, modern and global company. With our support, Hailin Energy Technology and Shengrui Transmission also successfully completed the New Third Board Listing. We have followed the trend of SOE reform and development, accelerated capital operations, promoted the listing of member companies. With multi-level capital market and multiple approaches we put more efforts on stock resources revitalization, and effectively improved the operational efficiency and return on investment capital. In June 2015, JIC Leasing drew in international investors, including the Carlyle Investment Group and the China Merchants China Direct Investment Ltd. etc. With prudent usage of financial leverage, we issued financial bonds of 3 billion yuan and expanded offshore direct financing, which provided support for the business development of our company.

We have attached great importance to links with stakeholders. With a variety of digital platforms, we have carried out more profound, in-depth and timely communication with the stakeholders, including the government, industry, investment, media and the general public etc.

We have actively put up a multi-level cultural communication system with "JIC Investment Brand" as its core, systematically spreading professional industry reviews and investment philosophy in the sectors of financial services, industrial manufacturing, cultural consumption, information technology, etc., and forging a JIC brand system with the core of investment brand.

We have actively supported projects aimed at improving the social welfare undertakings, focusing juvenile education and environmental protection projects, shaping a number of practical, effective, and influential Brand Nonprofits, such as FENGXINZI (hyacinth) , Red Candle, Green Windmill. We have donated 14 libraries and 4 multimedia classrooms across the country. In 2015, 2,034 of our employees took part in public activities.

In the future, with our professional insight and foresight in the field of investment, we will continue with our efforts to assist China enterprises to grow into leading enterprises, and continue to contribute wise growth and social progress.

We believe, vision creates future.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Zhong Jian'an