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Operation Achievements
2016-08-29 2015 Annual Report

In 2015, the global economic recovery was complex and changeable. Domestic growth, too, slowed down. There were both benefits and difficulties linked to reforms. China Jianyin Investment Ltd. adapted to the development trend of globalization and seized the opportunities of domestic economic restructuring and industrial upgrading to promote our businesses with great operating results.


In 2015, the equity investment enterprises constantly increased the intensity of resource integration, and enhanced industry chain advantages in the sectors of industrial manufacturing, culture, media and information technology. The enterprises expanded overseas investment to push domestic enterprises to “go global" in the fields of industrial manufacturing and consumer services. By the end of 2015, the total volume of the equity investment sector capital reached 61.207 billion yuan.


JIC Investment Co., Ltd.

JIC Investment Co., Ltd. (JIC Investment) provides capital and strategic support for the development of enterprises, along the lines of technological progress and consumption upgrading, by means of industrial chain integration, strategic acquisition and core technology industrialization.

In 2015, JIC Investment promoted a global business development strategy, fostering competitiveness with a combination of industry depth and investment ability, alongside global systems integration capabilities. Breakthroughs have been made in both cross-border acquisitions and resources integration. In 2015, JIC Investment achieved a net profit of 1.311 billion yuan with the management of assets. It completed 4 investment projects, with an investment of 1.557 billion yuan. By the end of 2015, the cumulative investment scale of JIC Investment expanded to 16.924 billion yuan, and its asset management scale to 14.537 billion yuan, with 34 investment projects.


JIC Huawen Media Investment Ltd.

JIC Huawen Media Investment Ltd. (JIC Media) is a professional investment company dedicated to culture and media, which closely followed new opportunities for development within the culture industry arising from technical innovation, media integration and restructuring. The company combined state owned capital and cultural resources to lead the way for Chinese culture to “go global”.

In 2015, JIC Media completed investments worth 200 million yuan.


JIC Technology Investment Co.,Ltd.

JIC Technology Investment Co., Ltd. (JIC TECH-INV) concentrates on equity investment and asset management in the industry of new information technology and “Internet Plus”. JIC TECH-INV is focused on investment opportunities in intelligent transportation, tele-medicine, Internet education, intelligent manufacturing, consumer services, information security, cloud computing and the upgrading of traditional industries.

In 2015, JIC TECH-INV built business platforms in three major areas: big data and cloud computing, the Internet of Things and consumer financial services. It completed three investment projects, with total investment reaching 207 million yuan.


JIC Bookstore Investment Co.,Ltd

JIC Bookstore Investment Co., Ltd. (JIC Bookstore) focused on the investment and operation of the industrial chain of cultural publishing. The company owns the cultural space and brand of “JIC Books”, the cultural creation brand of “Living Here”, the media brand of “Twelvexd”, with its physical spaces in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuxi, and other cities.

In 2015, JIC Bookstore gradually built up the brand image of “Wisdom, Culture and Beauty”. During the past year, the company organized 26 offline cultural activities. In book publishing planning, JIC Bookstore mainly worked on biographies of several of the world's leading figures to create a unique brand of biography publishing. In 2015, JIC Books won the bid to publish A Biography of Enzo Ferrari in simplified Chinese.


JIC Capital Management (Tianjin) Ltd.

JIC Capital Management (Tianjin) Ltd. (JIC Capital) is mainly engaged in the management and operation of private equity funds, such as venture capital funds, mergers and acquisitions and industry funds, as well as investment banking and financial advisory services related to fund investments.

In 2015, JIC Capital focused on industrial manufacturing, health care and clean energy to carry out its private equity investment management business. By the end of 2015, the companies managed 16 investment funds, including a venture capital fund, a special mergers and acquisitions fund and a new energy industry fund, in total worth 4.1 billion yuan.


JIC Leasing Co., Ltd.

JIC Leasing Co., Ltd. (JIC Leasing) provides its clients with financial products and services related to financial leasing, operating leasing and commercial factoring. JIC Leasing's business field has expanded to the sectors of information technology, equipment manufacturing, energy-saving and emissions-reduction, health care, energy, transportation, etc.

In 2015, JIC Leasing drew in three strategic investors: The Carlyle Investment Group, China Merchants China Direct Investment Ltd. and JIC Technology Investment Co., Ltd. The annual service delivery was 11.351 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.29%.


In 2015, the member enterprises of the financial sector seized market opportunities and actively promoted innovation in their products, businesses and business models. They achieved significant improvements in profit margins, business scale and market rankings. By the end of 2015, the total volume of the financial services capital reached 40.287 billion yuan.


JIC Trust Co., Ltd.

JIC Trust Co., Ltd. (JIC Trust) steadily developed the traditional trust business of real estate and infrastructure, while actively promoting product innovation and found success in mergers, acquisition and restructuring, NEEQ, new energy, carbon emission and PPP, achieving robust profits and maintaining its strong reputation within the industry.

By the end of 2015, JIC Trust issued a total of 1,147 trust products and managed the trust properties of 412.7 billion yuan. With 816 cumulative maturity liquidation trust products, the company delivered the trust property of 297 billion yuan on time and in full. The existing active set trust amounted to 60 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 65%, far exceeding the industry average.


Guotai Asset Management Co. Ltd.

Guotai Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Guotai AMC) managed 58 public funds, 2 pension products and more than 80 portfolios of assets, including accounts, pensions, social security and investment consulting, shaping a rich variety of asset management products. In 2015, Guotai AMC produced “JEEK”, a sub-brand of qualitative investment. Guotai AMC issued or converted 12 new funds, adding to its product basket, providing various adventurous investors with comprehensive solutions in asset management.

By the end of 2015, the total size of the asset management of Guotai AMC was 143.1 billion yuan, an incease by 58.5% year on year. Specifically, the amount of public fund was 99 billion yuan. The amount of the non-public fund was 44.1 billion yuan.


In 2015, the member enterprises of the property sector sped up the primary land development and construction, perfected the real estate sector chain and cultivated new growth points in the elderly care and health industries, while consolidating their advantages in businesses invested in previously. By the end of 2015, the total volume of the property services capital reached 12.543 billion yuan.


JIC Holding Co., Ltd.

JIC Holding Co. Ltd. (JIC Holding) focused on the sectors of elderly care and health services, real estate, intelligent building management, building regeneration investment, sector funds, architectural ornament, hotel management, etc.
In 2015, with China’s population aging, JIC Holding coordinated the elderly care and health business in an innovative way of combining its own investment with equity investment and sector funds to build an elderly care and health care industry ecosphere. With “industrialization”, JIC Holding was devoted to the building of a real estate industrial chain of modern green housing which meets the requirements of cultural inheritance and modern intelligence.


China Investment Development Co., Ltd.

China Investment Development Co. Ltd. (China Investment Development) was devoted to promoting the urbanization efforts of sustainable development led by the industry by providing “total solutions of urban development”. The main projects include the TBD of Beijing and its associated residential area.

By the end of 2015, in the urbanization primary land development business, the company has been authorized 200 hectares of land for development, 12 hectares of which have been arranged and sold. In the secondary land development business, the company was authorized 1.37 million square meters of land reserves as the total area of proposed buildings, according to project plans.


In 2015, the member enterprises of the consulting sector were selected as the PPP advisory bodies for 25 provinces and municipalities in China. Nine projects were selected as the PPP demonstration projects of the Ministry of Finance. By the end of 2015, the overall amount of the property business capital reached 747 million yuan.


China Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

China Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. (China Investment Consulting) focused on infrastructure, public service and emerging industries and provided consulting and information management services in the areas of PPP, urbanization and SOE reform.

In 2015, the company signed 84 new consulting project contracts worth 60.4856 million yuan, a 245% increase over 2014. With the explosive growth of the PPP consulting market, JIC Investment Consulting undertook PPP consulting in water resources management, education, tourism, medical care, urban planning and recreation and sports, covering all the trades of infrastructure and public service, with its projects in 48 municipalities and counties across China.


JIC Engineering Consulting Ltd.

The business scope of JIC Engineering Consulting Ltd. (JIC Engineering Consulting) covers railways, highways and construction, steadily expanding into the fields of insurance assessment, the supervision of project funds and whole process management of projects. JIC Engineering Consulting and its sub-companies possess the business qualifications of Engineering Cost Consulting (Grade A), Engineering Tendering Agent (Grade A), Engineering Consulting (Grade A), Engineering Supervision (Grade A), Government Procurement (Grade A), Real Estate Appraisal (Grade One), Land Appraisal (Countrywide), Asset (Listed Companies) Appraisal, Enterprise Credit Standing and Respectability Rating, etc.


This sector involved the fixed assets and physical stock options which need to be disposed of, as well as the management and disposal of entrusted loans. By the end of 2015, the business income of the sector amounted to 553 million yuan.