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Social Responsibility

To fulfill the social responsibility is the request of the government, the expectations of society, as well as the demand of company development. In 2016, JIC fulfilled the corporate social responsibility relating to "Value Creation, People oriented and Harmonious Development", in pursuit of the maximization of comprehensive economic and social value. The company has attached importance to the power of talents. We have actively created job opportunities and forged sophisticated professional talent teams with a global perspective that meet market demands. At present, the company has on the roster 11,398 employees, 3,689 of whom are new recruits of 2016, and the amount of college graduates are 424.

Based upon the idea of mutual growth and development, we have strived to construct a win-win platform for both the employees and the company. The career development space provided to the employees paid off in supporting the company with sufficient human resources. The professional training mechanism and capability added to the core competitiveness of the company.

We have a complete talent training plan, with a multi-level, multi-form educational training system aimed at upgrading the professional quality and competence of our employees. In 2016, the company organized 1,914 collective training activities, with 29,665 accumulative training hours and 29,552 person-time participations.

The company is closely associated with social welfare. In 2016, we continued our support for work in public welfare and explored some new models, focusing on adolescent education and environmental protection.

In the education of youths, our educational programs of Fengxinzi (hyacinth), Red Candle and Silver Envelope have continued to contribute to public welfare education; effectively improved the learning environment of the aided schools; enriched both the reading contents and methods for teachers and students; and encouraged highperforming teachers to stay and commit to teaching in poverty-stricken areas. As of 2016, our donations helped to build 15 libraries and 4 multimedia classrooms nationwide.

In terms of environmental protection, JIC Leasing's Green Windmill project has promoted the awareness of environmental protection and green development among youths.

We have encouraged and guided our employees to actively participate in the internal and external public and social services projects. In 2016, a total of 2,373 of our employees took part in various public service activities. By the end of the year, the company donated over 23.2 million yuan to charity and disaster relief efforts.