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Achievements of Research

The Annual Report on the Development of China's Investment (2016) is a compilation of the Group's annual series of research results geared towards the public. The report analyzes both economic performance on a macro level and specific investment-related issues in investment markets, key industries, and emerging sectors. The report provides a comprehensive review and evaluation of China's macroeconomic performance in 2015 and outlooks for investment market development trends and opportunities in 2016. A special chapter on theme investing is dedicated to discussions of the investment environment and opportunities under the themes of "Belt and Road", manufacturing upgrade, Internet Plus, aging society, SOE reform and PPP. Another chapter dedicated to investment markets mainly focuses on the analysis and evaluation of the operation and development trends of emerging non-financial business models, including securities, trust, PE/VC, financial leasing, real estate and overseas M&A.

The Annual Report on the Development of China's Intelligence Interconnection Investment (2016) evolved out of research conducted by JIC Technology Investment's Intelligent Interconnection Research Center. The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the intelligent interconnection industry's development in 2015 and a forecast for 2016 through delving deep into the aspects of industrial features, technological evolution, the status quo of investment, financing and applications of the technology.

The China Trust Industry Research Report (2016) focuses on multiple dimensions of the industry, including industry development, market changes, corporate governance and business innovation. Meanwhile, the publication selected a number of popular review articles by JIC Trust previously published on major domestic financial media, which represent the fruitful results delivered by JIC's R&D professionals with their constant efforts.

The Report on the Development of China's Media Investment (2016) offers a detailed review of the development and investment of China's media industry in 2015, as well as featuring judicious predictions of future trends. Based on in-depth
analysis of current investment and future trends, the report also tracks trending topics in this sector, such as new models of investment and financing, overseas media investment, Mobile Internet and VR investment, in order to dive into the
capital-driven transformations in the media sector.

JIC Research Books are a series of special and in-depth research on the domestic investment market, with a collection of JIC's indigenous achievements and the results of joint efforts with outer experts. The books published in 2016 include: "A New Vision for Investment I: Intelligent Manufacturing," "A New Vision for Investment II: Elderly Care Services" and "A New Vision for Investment III : SOE Reform."

JIC Investment Review is an academic journal featuring a collection of current investment frontier theory, with emphasis on the academic study of the major hot issues of investment and related topics. The journal makes objective assessments of the situation of both the domestic market and the foreign market and incites more in-depth analysis and exploration by the professionals in the trade, therefore improving the development and innovation of investment studies. In 2016, the journal published its fifth and sixth editions.