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2017 Annual Report of JIC

Social Responsibility


In 2017, JIC integrated the social responsibility into its enterprise development and business operation. JIC has made the social responsibility management more effective, and adopted a targeted approach to help the poor. The ability and quality of its social responsibility work has been improved.

JIC attaches great importance to the power of talent. It has built a professional, international and diversified team. As of the end of 2017, the company had 14,553 employees, 2,333 of whom were recruited in 2017, among which 176 were college graduates. Thus JIC made its due contributions in employment and social stability.

JIC adheres to a "people-oriented" principle and committed to staff development. It strives to provide a win-win platform for both the employees and the company. The focus on career and talent development has ensured that the company is well staffed, supported and competitive.

JIC upholds the philosophy of growing together with its employees. It has a multi-level, multi-form training system aimed at sharpening the employees' political and professional awareness. In 2017, the company organized 1,593 training activities, with 32,057 participation totaling to 37,014 training hours.

The company is deeply concerned about social wellbeing. In 2017, ITC continued to work in this field of public good and explored new practices, focusing on adolescent education and environmental protection.

In the area of youth education, the Fengxinzi (Hyacinth), Red Candle and Silver Envelope programs continued to support public welfare education and helped to improve the schools environment, to enrich the reading content and method for teachers and students, and to encourage high-performing teachers to continue their work in poverty-stricken areas.

In the area of environmental protection, JIC Leasing's Green Windmill project has promoted the awareness of environmental protection and green development among youths.

JIC encourages and steers its employees to participate in public welfare services projects, both in and outside the company. In 2017, a total of 3,224 of employees took part in various public welfare services, and the company donated RMB 1.726 million, 5,844 books, more than 1,000 pieces of clothing and 70 computers to places in need.