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2017 Annual Report of JIC

Operating Results

JIC seizes opportunities to enhance equity investment, industrial operations and financial services. Risks and challenges are properly dealt with and all businesses are carried out with quality and efficiency.


- Investment and Industrial Operations

Investment and Industrial Operations covers equity investment, enterprise management, real estate investment, and NPA disposal. JIC continued to improve its investment platform in 2017, building an advanced investment system to promote its business. Post-investment management, corporate governance and equity management were optimized by the Group to ensure its competitive advantages.

AS of the end of 2017, the total assets of the Investment and Industrial Operations segment were RMB 79.986 billion.


- Financial Services

The Financial Services segment which covers securities, trusts, funds, financial leasing, banking, insurance etc. derives revenue from providing financial services to the public. In 2017, the related financial entities of JIC innovated in operations, upgraded the channel of finance and improved its resource matching capabilities. It also strengthened control of risk and internal management, complying with related regulations. Thus a steady growth and stronger competitiveness was achieved. At the end of 2017, the assets of the Financial Service segment reached to RMB 93.466 billion.