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2017 Annual Report of JIC


- JIC Investment

JIC Investment Co., Ltd. (JIC Investment) mainly engages in direct equity investment and fund management, with special focus on industrial manufacturing, energy conservation & environmental protection, and health care, participating in global resource allocation and competition. JIC Investment is fostering a manufacturing ecosystem with technological progress at its core to facilitate China's economic restructuring, industrial transformation and upgrading.

In 2017, the company explored opportunities around its target industries and had 56 projects storaged. In the post-investment management of the strategic project SGD Pharma, JIC established and improved the SGD governance and information communication system, it promoted the strategic expansion of SGD and its brand in China. In asset management, it established a complete operation management system for the Sino-German Fund, setting up a local business team, and greatly expanded project channels to achieve primary collaboration between the direct investment and asset management businesses.

In 2017, the company's new project investments totaled RMB 20 million, while the Sino-German
Fund increased RMB 120 million in investing (including RMB 60 million by JIC investment), and an investment exit of RMB 178 million. By the end of 2017, the company's investments totaled RMB 3.686 billion, and assets under management were RMB 12.9 billion.

- JIC Huawen

JIC Huawen Investment Ltd. (JIC Huawen) is focused on investment and operations in cultural media, consumer goods &services, and medicare.

In 2017, the company completed investing in Cultural Investment Holdings Co.,Ltd., a state-owned media giant. At the same time, the company completed a new round of investment in Sinocare and became its third largest shareholder, laying a solid foundation for future strategic cooperation with the listed companies.

In 2017, the revenue in asset management reached to RMB 345.87 million, and three investment projects with a total of RMB 405 million were completed. By the end of 2017, the company's accumulative investment reached RMB 2.693 billion, assets under management RMB 3.966 billion, and investment projects totaled to 11.

Investment Projects: SF Express, New Star Press, ITC Books, Interni, Bright Food , Miquel Alimentaci6, Dali Food, Huace Film and Television, Mango TV, Sinocare, Cultural Investment Holdings Co.,Ltd.


- JIC Technology Investment

JIC Technology Investment Co., Ltd. (JIC Tech-inv) engages in equity investment and asset management in the new generation information technology and "Internet Plus" industries. The company takes national information technology upgrade and the traditional industries transformation through Internet as its investment themes, attaching great importance to technologically advanced or market leading enterprises for investment consideration. It prioritizes laying out around the core value and key resources of the industry chain.

In 2017, the company, together with Intel, Harvest Investment and other companies completed the investment in Horizon, an AI company, to take a significant strategic step in the field of AI. The company's asset management business has developed steadily, continuing to promote the post-investment management of NXP's standard product and RF Power device projects, and to help NXP's related production line implanted in China. In 2017, ITC Tech-inv posted a total revenue of RMB 656 million and a net profit of RMB 119 million. At the end of 2017, the company had a total asset of RMB 2.153 billion, net assets RMB 1.846 billion, 35 investment funds and RMB 25.269 billion assets under management.

Investment Projects: Horizon Robotics


- JIC Holding

JIC Holding Co. Ltd. (JIC Holding) is the Group's industrial investment and operations platform, focused on the old care industry, related real estate and property management. It owns five first-tier companies and more than 40 second-tier enterprises across 22 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China.

In 2017, the company did thorough research and marched into the old care industry. It supported the market-oriented development of the renewable investment in real estate business, steadily accelerating the development of existing businesses. The company posted a net profit attributable to the parent company of RMB 150.0077 million in 2017, an increase of 408.11 % year-on-year. At the end of 2017, JIC Holding's total assets stood at RMB 4.238 billion.


- JIC Trust

JIC Trust Co., Ltd. (JIC Trust) has trust and wealth management at its strategic core of business.

In 2017, JIC Trust continue to improve its business system, consolidating its core advantages in claims trusts, and focused on expanding asset securitization, equity trusts etc. It also seized opportunities such as intercompany trusts to cultivate its core competitiveness.

As of the end of 2017, JIC Trust has issued a total of 1,625 trust products, with RMB 631.4 billion trust assets under management, and cleared 1,201 trust products. The company had 419 ongoing trust projects in 2017, amounting to RMB 168.1 billion, of which the collective trust was RMB 99.8 billion, accounting for 59% of the total.


- Guotai Asset Management

Guotai Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Guotai AMC) is the first public fund company in China. By the end of 2017, Guotai AMC had 103 public funds, three pension products and more than 90 portfolios that include special accounts, annuities, social insurance and investment consulting under managed. The assorted product lines provide comprehensive solutions to investors with different levels of risk preference.

As of the end of 2017, Guotai AMC's assets under management reached to RMB 217.5 billion, a record high, a RMB 62.1 billion added, an increase of 39.9% year-on-year since 2016. Among them, the size of public funds was RMB 101.18 billion (including currency), an increase of 29 .9% or RMB 23.3 billion over the beginning of 2017, and the size of non­public funds (including subsidiaries) was RMB 116.32 billion, an increase of 50.l % or RMB 38.82 billion over the beginning of 2017.


- JIC Leasing

JIC Leasing Co., Ltd.'s (JIC Leasing) focuses on the information technology, green environmental protection, transportation, public utilities and equipment manufacturing sectors, among others. JIC Leasing provides financial products and services related to financial leasing, operating leasing, cross-border leasing and commercial factoring.

In 2017, JIC Leasing operated steadily, leveraging its listing to continue to innovate, enrich business channels and expand its primary business of financing leasing. JIC Leasing has expanded its regional distribution and business scope, and has innovated financing methods and expanded financing channels. In 2017, JIC Leasing added RMB 18.084 billion in new business, an increase of 21.26% year-on-year. As of the end of 2017, the company's total assets were RMB 31.288 billion, with net profit of RMB 414 million.


- China Investment Consulting

China Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. (China Investment Consulting) seeks to be a new comprehensive national think tank. It focuses on reform and development themes such as PPP, green innovation and intelligent manufacturing, the transformation of state-owned enterprises and the conversion of kinetic energy. China Investment Consulting provides high value-added, comprehensive consulting and asset management services for its clients, contributing to the transformation and upgrading of regional industries and the high-quality economic development of China.

In 2017, the company signed 121 projects with a total investment of more than RMB 193 billion. China Investment Consulting adopts a targeted approach, focusing on major infrastructure, ecological environment governance, rural revitalization and other fields contributing to people's livelihood and happiness. Among them, the "New PPP Project of Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Taizhou Railway" was one of the country's first eight railway projects with social capital and was selected as one of the "great events since the 18th CPC National Congress". In the "Chinese Government Procurement Award 2017", the company was awarded "Excellent PPP Consultation Agency" and "Excellent Project Award". It has set up 24 funds, with assets totals to RMB 33.5 billion. China Investment Consulting has paid up RMB 5.81 billion, and it has invested in 23 projects with a total of RMB 4.79 billion.

As of the end of 2017, the company's total assets were RMB 349 million and its net assets amounted to RMB 280 million.


- JIC Bookstore Investment

JIC Bookstore Investment Co., Ltd. (ITC Bookstore) is JIC's practitioner and explorer in the culture related industries. Its mission is to enhance cultural self-confidence, boosting cultural power and to serve the national consumption upgrading. It is committed to becoming an excellent operator of cultural space, a provider of advanced cultural products and an outstanding integrator of cultural resources. Currently, JIC Bookstore has established cultural space operations, book publishing, development and innovation of cultural products and online media businesses. The physical stores are located in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing. It has cooperation with the Hidden Place Hotel in Suzhou and Chengdu.

In 2017, the company planned and carried out more than 140 cultural and commercial events. The number of fans of its media brand "twelvexd" has reached to 160,000. JIC Bookstore also published eight biographical books. The company's annual operating revenue was RMB 11.0063 million, a year-on-year increase of 153%.