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2018 Annual Report of JIC : Social Responsibility

In 2018, JIC unswervingly followed the new development vision, integrating social responsibility into enterprise development and business operations. JIC improved  its social responsibility activities, making its due contributions to alleviate poverty. Fulfilling social responsibility has become an important way for JIC to explore new growth drivers and enhance competitiveness in a comprehensive way.

JIC attaches great importance to the power of talents. It has  created a professional, diversified and international team of workforce. By the end of 2018, the number of employees of JIC had reached 11,664 in China Mainland. 2,680 of them were recruited in 2018, among which 115 were college graduates. JIC is committed to maintain social harmony by continuous employment.

Adhering to the “people oriented” principle, JIC has been fulfilling its responsibility of staff development, striving to construct a win-win platform for both the employees and the company. By providing a broad career development for the employees, JIC is ensured with sufficient human resources. The professional training mechanism has added to the core competitiveness of the company.

JIC upholds the principle of growing with the employees. It has established a multi-level, multi-aspect and multi-form education and training system that aimed at upgrading the political quality, professionalism and competence of the employees. In 2018, JIC organized 1,997 domestic training activities, with 34,458 person-time participations and 138,991 training hours.

JIC is an active practitioner in social welfare activities. In 2018, it continued to support social welfare programs, took measures for poverty alleviation, explored new models for public welfare, and focused on youth education and environmental protection.

JIC continued its efforts to alleviate  poverty in some  places including Shibing County of Guizhou Province, combining charitable poverty alleviation measures with investment-type industrial mechanisms. That is to say, not only to give the local folks ‘fish’, but rather to teach them ‘how to fish’ as well. . In 2018, JIC invested more than RMB60 million to various poverty alleviation funds. It launched a RMB170 million industrial poverty alleviation and assistance fund, and participated in comprehensive ways to alleviate poverty that covered 879 most-in-need households and 8,064 poverty-stricken households in the county, which added up to38,425 people.

In youth education, JIC Fengxinzi (Hyacinth), Red Candle, Silver Envelope and Fireflies programs have continued to contribute to public welfare education, and to effectively improve the learning environment of aided schools. Such programs continue to provide large amount of reading materials for both the teachers and students, and to encourage high-performing teachers to stay and teach in poverty-stricken areas.

In environmental protection, JIC Leasing's Green Windmill project has promoted the awareness of environmental protection and green development among youths.

JIC pays close attention to the livelihood issues and have been encouraging and guiding its employees to actively participate in internal and external public welfare and community projects. In 2018, a total of 2,589 employees took part in various public welfare activities, with donations of more than RMB1.65 million and 2,947 books to places in need.