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2019 Annual Report of JIC : Research Achievements

China Investment Development Report 2019

China Investment Development Report 2019 makes an all-round observation on the investment opportunities and challenges in 2019 from different perspectives focusing on the spirit of the central economic working conference and the “Two Sessions” (NPC & CPPCC). The report comprehensively observes the investment status and trend from eight perspectives, including growth, finance, industry, reform, opening-up, innovation, economic geography and social responsibility, and analyzes the investment opportunities in the key industries such as new infrastructure, information technology, advanced manufacturing, consumption upgrading, intelligent economy, environmental protection, civil service, and hot spots areas such as Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay area and Hainan Free Trade Zone.

China Trust Industry Research Report (2019)

China Trust Industry Research Report (2019), published by Research Center and Postdoctoral Workstation of JIC Trust, presents the overall development of the trust industry in 2018 from the two dimensions of industry and special research. The report begins with a panoramic description of the development of the trust industry in 2018, and discusses the business structure and development path of trust companies from two business categories: trust business and inherent business. The reports, which provide a coherent and diversified portrait of the trust industry, have been published for seven consecutive years, bringing together the academic research, observation, thinking and experience of the company on the development of trust industry.

Annual Report on the Development of China`s Intelligence Internet Investment 2019

Annual Report on the Development of China’s Intelligence Internet Investment 2019 is the annual research result of smart Internet industry launched by JIC Tech-inv. It has been published for four consecutive years. The report is a systematic analysis on the intelligence internet industry based on industrial features, technological evolution, investment, financing, and related applications. The report reviews the development of industry in 2018 to provide an outlook for that of 2019. The reports also conducted a systematic analysis on the development traits, investment trends and the major M&As in the fields of AI, 5G, information security and big data.

Report on the Development of China's Media Investment (2019)

The Report on the Development of China’s Media Investment (2019) provides a comprehensive and in-depth description and analysis on the media investment phenomenon and current environment in China between 2018 and 2019. For the first time, the report cooperated with People's Daily, the mainstream media in China, and was co-edited with the Enterprise Supervision Department of People's Daily. Many wellknown scholars in the field of culture and media together with 16 media enterprises and investment companies were invited to jointly prepare the report, which analyzed the future development of the industry through theoretical foresight and market practice.

Intellectual Capital and Financing: Case Study of China Investment Consulting

“Intellectual Capital and Financing: Case Study of China Investment Consulting” is a publication of the company’s practices in PPP projects, management consulting and asset management in recent years. In terms of PPP projects, the report covers the practical experience in infrastructure construction, eco-environmental protection, transportation, education and medical care by the company; in terms of management consulting, cases of detailed platform company transformation and SOE reform in recent years were discussed; in terms of asset management, cases with significant influence and functional application were selected which were specific and vivid to provide useful reference for the readers.